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About Hart Group

In addition, the group members provide a range of cross-cutting services, in the fields of:

  • Technical and Financial Audit;
  • Human resource development and training;
  • Institutional development;
  • Project management and monitoring;
  • Assurance reporting on public information.
Hart Group was founded in 1988. The group has long-standing working relationships with institutes and consultancy organisations and a wide network of partners and associate consultants across Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Australia, South Africa, the USA and China.

Hart Group is managed from the United Kingdom and assembles bespoke consulting teams for each assignment.

The hart group consultancy approach is to facilitate the development of local solutions to local problems by supporting local teams, through providing the advanced expertise of highly qualified and internationally experienced consultants.

It is group policy to maximise the local content of our work and we therefore engage local specialists to take principal roles wherever possible, provided this approach is sanctioned by the client. This method of working enables us to present a thorough and insightful analysis and to develop consultancy solutions that adapt international experience whilst taking full account of local circumstances, practices and realities.

Core members of the group are:
  • Hart Resources Ltd
  • Temple Smith Hart LLP, Chartered Accountants
  • Hart Nurse Ltd
  • Oxford XXI

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