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Economic Development

Economic development consultancy is a service to governments and parastatal organisations. Services focus on reform processes and the establishment of regulatory regimes that enable the implementation of economic development policies.

Services include:

  • Strategic policy development
  • Policy management systems
  • Commercialisation
  • Privatisation
  • Regulatory review and analysis
  • Legislative and regulatory reform
  • Fiscal analysis and the design of fiscal incentives
  • Managing development assistance
  • Design of programmes for enterprise development
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship
  • Institutional analysis and reform
  • Sector restructuring and advice on approaches to infrastructure assets
  • Public Administration reform and the development of good governance principles
Our economic development services include assistance to specification of economic development policy; design of development policy, implementation mechanisms, identification of hindrances to and enablers for development, measures to encourage job creation, business development, business growth.

Hart group spans macro and micro economic development issues and provides linkages between the two. Advice is available on the definition of macro level policies to encourage entrepreneurs to progress profitable business strategies. Micro level advice is supported where necessary by our in-house financial specialists from Hart Nurse.

Fiscal advice focuses on the analysis of market positioning of the client country relative to other countries competing for internationally mobile investment.

Policy interventions are based on market analysis and identification of market failure by reference to policy objectives.

Hart Group also designs measurement and monitoring systems, including support to economic statistics.

Specialist regulatory services include the reform of regulation and legislation affecting the attractiveness and efficiency of private sector investment in development and in business; analysis of regulatory environments, review of development policy priorities, review of macro-economic issues, economic policy issues such as exchange controls, repatriation of profits, taxation and special taxation regimes.

The design of economic policy is necessarily linked with consideration of the social impacts of that policy. For example, in relation to sector restructuring, governments increasingly recognise the necessity to address social impacts and to design, implement and monitor the effectiveness of mitigation measures. Accordingly, the group's social development capability is frequently relevant to economic development advice and the group's expertise in social development is applied in conjunction with economic development project work.

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